Career Link Development always welcome our clients with the High Level of services and further appreciate to follow the terms and conditions and company Policies.

Its highly recommended to the students that the terms and policies has been clear prior which are as follows :

  1. It is student’s responsibility to provide all relevant educational certificates, experience certificates, passport copies, other certificates if any 2 photographs documents for the process of student visa application of at the time of recruitment in CLD + or within 7 days after for the process of admission in above said college / university/ Institute/ in agreed country.
  2. Consultancy charges are not refundable in any case. Student has to bear any other extra amount in terms of courier charges, Notarization Charges, Photostat etc.
  3. Admission fee if any will be paid at the time of admission, which will not be refundable in any case .
  4. Students are bound to pay by himself any other charges in terms of his process like college fee , medical fee, visa fee, health insurance fee , accommodation charges , airport pick up and drop charges , fee transfer charges, draft making charges ,difference in fee if any etc .
  5. If applicant/student wants to withdraw his case after registration in CLD than he will not be entitled to claim any refund in terms of registration fee.
  6. If applicant/ student wants to withdraw his case after starting or paying the college admission/enrollment/ registration fee than he will not be able to claim any refund in terms of registration fee, consultancy fee or any other service charges.
  7. It is strongly recommended to the student to communicate via e-mail, phone, for status and avoid unnecessary visits. While it’s responsibly of CLD to provide all of necessary information to the student by time to time.
  8. If the students want to withdraw his/her case during visa process than he/she will not be able to claim any refund in terms of visa fee, registration fee, consultancy fee or any other service charges etc.
  9. If the students wants to withdraw hi/her case after approval or pre approval than he/she will not be entitled to claim any refund in terms of visa fee, registration fee, consultancy fee or any other service charges etc and he will be entitled to pay 25% amount to CLD of the total agreed fee payable amount to the institute/college/universities.
  10. In case of withdraw the case during his/her process if the fee submitted to the agreed college/institute/university than the refund amount would be paid to student after 25% deduction by CLD on total fee paid amount by the applicant or any other person on behalf of applicant.
  11. If CLD and process the fee transfer on behalf of student that the student would be bound to pay any other extra charges due to fluctuation of rate in foreign currency .
  12. If CLD receive any refund from the college on behalf of his/her applicant than the applicant must consider the refunded amount according the rate of conversion if any, CLD will not be responsible about any extra amount due to flexibility of rates.
  13. If the client changes any other consultant during the process of his case at any stage than the student would have to pay the 20 % amount of his agreed fee and apart of this CLD will not be bound to refund any amount in terms of consultancy fee, medical fee, registration fee and other fee which was included in his case except of the amount which is taken in terms of agreed fee paid to the college/Institute/University etc.
  14. If student/applicant transfers his/her fee by him than CLD will do all of the efforts in terms of his /her amount refund by the college, but simultaneously CLD will not be entitled to pay his/her refund. In case of any delay CLD will be looking after for more co-operation and passions from the student/applicant and their guardians.
  15. CLD will be able to cancel the case of any student/applicant due to :
    • Misbehavior, wrong attitude with staff and others.
    • Continuously not giving any response.
    • Not paying the dues in time.
  16. Students/applicant is responsible to provide any information in case of shifted the house, telephone numbers etc.
  17. Students/applicant is responsible all the documents and CLD will not be responsible if any documents would be forging and come into knowledge after or during the process.
  18. It is the responsibility of student/applicant to provide or pay the amount as per payment schedule; in case of delay the requested amount if any will effect automatically on the whole process delay.
  19. Student/applicant is agreed to submit the original passport, original documents and any other requested documents by CLD for his/ her processing the case by CLD.
  20. CLD is responsible to return all his/her documents after completion of his/her case whether in case of refusal and approval.
  21. CLD is free to take any action in case of any amount payable by the student after completion or withdraw the case.
  22. Once visa will be granted than no fee will be returned to applicant/student in any case.
  23. CLD will not be responsible for any sent amount refund to the college/university/institute if the selected college/institute/university will be close,bankrupted,disaster occurrence and other sudden misshapen occurs with that college/institute/university ,meanwhile we belief on best co-operation and will do all of the require efforts for our clients to provide best satisfaction.
  24. Refund process will take normally 2-6 month, so in the mean time it would be highly appreciated to keep patience in this regard .Meanwhile we are highly active for the refunds of our students in terms of any possible efforts to make the refunds in priorities. In the mean time we are expecting the full co-operation from student and students’ family .
  25. CLD will not be answerable to any other person except of student and students’ parents & real siblings.
  26. Career Link Development has reserve all the right to change its policy or making amendments in any clause without any prior notice