GCSE Courses                                                                                                                                                       

IGCSE is the abbreviation for International General Certificate of Secondary Education.

It is an academically demanding and internationally used English language program of study. Students use it to prepare for International Baccalaureate and A-Level examinations. It is based on the GCE O-Level and is equivalent to the GCSE. Our IGCSE courses are accredited by Edexcel and CIE.
The IGCSE is largely exam-based and is designed to assess the knowledge about subjects in the same way as Advanced Placement exams and SAT Subject Tests. It is a suitable option for home-learners or for those in Adult education. It is ideal for students who are looking to achieve a qualification but are unable to attend full-time school. It is equivalent to many Secondary School certificate exams around the globe including England's GCSE, the American GED or High school diploma, Hong Kong's HKCEE and Singapore's O-Level.

The IGCSE prepares students for advance studies, including AS and A Level study, Cambridge Pre-U, IB Diploma Programme and other equivalents. It is acknowledged by academic institutions and employers worldwide.

Although our IGCSE learning is supported for 12 months, students are able to 'Fast Track' their learning if they want to achieve the qualification earlier.
Although our IGCSE learning is supported for 12 months, students are able to 'Fast Track' their learning if they want to achieve the qualification earlier

Online A-Level Accounting Coursehttp://www.ed-next.com/elearning/A-Level-course-view.php?alevel=1

Online GCSE Biology Course Introduction       http://www.ed-next.com/elearning/A-Level-Courses/online-a-level-biology-course

Online GCSE Business Studies Course Introductiohttp://www.ed-next.com/elearning/A-Level-Courses/online-a-level-biology-course

Online GCSE Chemistry Course Introduction

Online GCSE English Course Introduction

Online GCSE History Course Introduction

Online GCSE Geography Course Introduction

Online GCSE Mathematics Course Introduction

Online GCSE Physics Course Introduction

Online GCSE Science Course Introduction


A Level Courses A Level Courses

GCE Advanced Level or the A-level courses are the abbreviation for the General Certificate of Education Advanced Level.

It is an academic qualification offered by educational institutions in England, Wales, Northern Ireland, Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man. Students complete A-Levels as a secondary or pre-university education.

The A-levels curriculum require students to study an A-level subject over a two-year period. At the end of each year (AS and A2, respectively) the student sit for an examination that is administered by an official examination body. Generally students study three or four A-level subjects at the same time during Year 12 and Year 13 (ages 16-18).

A-levels are recognised by the universities in the United Kingdom as the standard for evaluating the suitability of candidates for admission in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

Although our A-Levels learning is supported for 24 months but students are able to 'Fast Track' their learning if they want to achieve the qualification earlier. Exams are only available once per year (June), for students wishing to fast track their learning all exams can be sat in a single diet.

Online A-Level Accounting Course                                     

Online A-Level Biology Course

Online A-Level Business Studies Courseshttp://www.ed-next.com/elearning/A-Level-Courses/online-a-level-business-studies-courses

Online A-Level Chemistry Course http://www.ed-next.com/elearning/A-Level-Courses/online-a-level-chemistry-course

Online A-Level Citizenship Studies Coursehttp://www.ed-next.com/elearning/A-Level-Courses/online-a-level-citizenship-studies-cours

Online A-Level Classical Civilisation Coursehttp://www.ed-next.com/elearning/A-Level-Courses/online-a-level-classical-civilisation-course

Online A-Level English Language and Literature Coursehttp://www.ed-next.com/elearning/A-Level-Courses/online-a-level-english-language-and-literature-course

Online A-Level Government and Politics Course

Online A-Level Economics Coursehttp://www.ed-next.com/elearning/A-Level-Courses/online-a-level-economics-course

Online A-Level Geography Coursehttp://www.ed-next.com/elearning/A-Level-Courses/online-a-level-geography-course

Online A-Level History Coursehttp://www.ed-next.com/elearning/A-Level-Courses/online-a-level-history-course

Online A-Level Maths and Statistics Coursehttp://www.ed-next.com/elearning/A-Level-Courses/online-a-level-maths-and-statistics-course

Online A-Level Psychology Coursehttp://www.ed-next.com/elearning/A-Level-course-view.php?alevel=14

Online A-Level Physics Coursehttp://www.ed-next.com/elearning/A-Level-Courses/online-a-level-physics-course

Online A-Level Sociology Coursehttp://www.ed-next.com/elearning/A-Level-course-view.php?alevel=17

Online A-Level Religious Studies Coursehttp://www.ed-next.com/elearning/A-Level-course-view.php?alevel=16