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In today’s world distance learning and online education have made quality education available to all, it is no longer restricted by geographical boundaries. Online education is now the option of choice for busy professionals and career oriented people who are looking for affordable and flexible study options.

Online learning provides the opportunity to learn while you earn and to fit your studies around your family life. It does however, require adjustment in your study habits and lifestyle.

Please familiarise yourself with the following before you embark on this challenging but extremely rewarding journey.



Online education can be as rigorous as the traditional classroom education. Online learners need to be develop their time management skills and remain disciplined during their studies. Depending upon the programme projects, assignments and other academic activities,   you should be prepared to devote 20 hours per week.



During your online education journey, although you will have more flexibility to schedule your studies around your diary, you will require more discipline and self-motivation than traditional modes of study. Throughout the UODO programs, most studies and interaction will be via the virtual learning environment (VLE), online student portal, wikis, blogs, discussion forums, video content etc. You will need to pace yourself to keep up with the programme assignments.

Career Link Development is now One step further in Online Studies, Distance Learning Studies in Pakistan , in which students can apply by home and can avail the reuted equivalent studies from UK and USA . We have affiliation with ED NEXT ,UK which is a leading name in online studies .

About Consult+ Limited

Consult+ Limited was incorporated on May 16, 2013, under company Number 8531533, to develop itself as the supplemental education provider of choice. It aims to offer innovative E-learning, E-tutoring, E-resources and E-counseling services to prospective students, professionals, schools, local authorities and general public. The company will offer these services through its innovative portal setup under the brand name of Ed-Next, which went live on July 1, 2014.

Ed-Next will offer innovative supplemental education services and solutions to individuals, aspiring professionals and schools across the UK and world-wide. The portal will provide compliance E-learning (in areas of H&S, First Aid, Safeguarding and fire safety and CPD in HR, management, leadership, IT, finance etc.) along with 1 to 1 and group E-tutoring in MFL, GCSE/A Levels and other courses of higher learning. The Ed-Next portal will also offer publishing of teaching material, thesis writing services and E-consultancy in educational psychology assessments, e-mentoring etc.
We are affiliated with ‘Institute of Leadership Management’ (ILM) partner, University of Derby, Pebble Hills University, Educare, IHASCO, Ed4online, and ME Learning in the UK for their endorsed and accredited programs.

"About Us"

Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune"- by Jim Rohn.

The challenge of ensuring compliance with regulatory legislation continues to grow and the consequences of non-compliance can be serious.

ed-next is the fastest growing education delivering organization, offering the world class training programs to students, professionals and corporate through Virtual learning environment.

May it be any school subject, technical induction, lateral training or consulting services, we are known for providing an effective tutoring program ensuring the gain of knowledge, productivity and expertise in the chosen field.

Our certified Tutors, Trainers and Subject matter experts are focused, dynamic planners, strategists, implementers, results oriented and have a magnificent wealth of learning resources. The Digital classroom provides the social environment for interactive sessions and threaded discussions to learners and teachers. One can become entirely proficient by attending the classes sitting at home, workplace and at their own pace.

Our experts help in various ways. They:-

  • 1. Assist students in solving complex algorithms
  • 2. Help in understanding the subject to the core
  • 3. Improve the grades
  • 4. Boost the self-confidence
  • 5. Prepare the study agenda for the coming days/weeks or months.

Be a part of this Flexible, accessible and convenient educational program to carve out a rank in this competitive world.

Ed-Next’s target market consist of:

career oriented students, Home learners, professionals looking for flexible learning options, schools wanting to support socially disadvantaged students, Schools wanting to supplement their core educational activities, LA’s wanting to support home learners or excluded students, juvenile prisons wanting to offer it as an education option, lifelong learning sector, virtual schools, tuition centres interested in collaboration on e-tutoring or e-learning to supplement their learning activities. The Ed-Next portal will target the UK, USA, Africa, Middle East, Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan and other countries. We plan to work with our ILM and the accredited UK University to offer higher education options.
With the increase in cost of higher education, more and more students and parents are looking for alternative education options that enable them to earn while learning. Consult+ plans to package and present your online program options as a supplementary education. It will also offer these courses to school staff across the UK schools and businesses, who may be interested in continuous professional development through flexible means.

You’ll be amazed by how quickly you make progress"

ed-next offers lifelong learning opportunities, providing learners with an educational experience that’s right for them as individuals. We really understand the difficulties students face, and deal with this through our ‘Challenge to Educate’ model, an approach that uses a wide range of study and teaching methods. Here are just a few of them:

  • Exciting study materials that will motivate you in your learning;
  • Clear explanations;
  • Comprehensive assignments and practice tools
  • Quizzes;
  • Puzzles
  • Brainstorming

The list goes on!

With the help of our skilled and dedicated team you really will be delighted as you discover how easy it is to learn new skills and gain knowledge in your chosen area. And with our innovative technology you’ll discover that learning can be fun!

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