LITHUANIA (Lithuanian: Lietuva) is a republic in north-eastern Europe. Lithuania is one of the three Baltic States along the Baltic Sea (together with Latvia and Estonia). It is bordered by Latvia to the north, Belarus to the southeast, Poland to the south and Russia (Kaliningrad) to the southwest. Across the Baltic Sea to the west lies Sweden and Denmark.


  • Full name:  Lithuania

  • Population: 3 349 872.

  • Capital: Vilnius

  • Largest city:  Vilnius

  • Area: 65,200 km²

Other cities:
Vilnius, Kaunas.Klaipėda, Šiauliai, Panevėžys

The climate of Lithuania is transitional between maritime and continental. From the point of view of suitability to human health and economic activities, the climate can be considered to be among the most favorable ones. It is characterized by seasonal changes of temperature four times per year, by moderate heat in summer and by adequate humidity and a sufficient number of bright days. The negative features include long autumns and winters and a relatively short vegetation period the highest temperature in summer is about 30 degrees plus, and in winter the temperature falls down to minus 20-25 degrees.
Lithuania's agricultural sector produces grains, potatoes, beets, vegetables, fruit and dairy products. Lithuanian industry includes petroleum refining, shipbuilding (Bastia Shipyard), agricultural machinery, machine tools and electrical products. The Lithuanian tourist industry is also expanding and is promoting its cultural heritage to lure the global tourists.
Lithuanian is the official state language of Lithuania
The Lithuanian Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education is
Participating in the introduction and implementation of these procedures as an
Institution with the goal of assessing secondary and higher education qualifications
Which have been obtained abroad? Additionally, they are providing information
About the Lithuanian system of assessment and recognition as well as the Lithuanian
Educational system and foreign educational systems.


 Lithuania is home to excellent universities and colleges, as they have always been known for their high level of teaching and quality of education. Even in 16th century, when the oldest university was found,
It has played an extremely significant role in the educational and cultural life not only of Lithuania, but the neighboring countries as well. Lithuanian Universities graduates are widely approved across the world for their knowledge and skills.
 Many institutions of higher education are well equipped with superb research, literature, computing, and technology facilities. Students have the best conditions to carry out their research in a convenient environment and with highly reputable professors. Many international students feel a great pleasure and honor to study in our Universities.
. Gaining a diploma in Lithuania is an undoubtedly key factor for a successful career worldwide, which will open up the very best opportunities in your lives. We have made significant changes in our higher education system to facilitate and accommodate international students. Lithuania has implemented the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) which makes it easier for international students to make their existing qualifications compatible with the national credit system.
The range of study programs, options and qualifications offered by Lithuanian universities is wide and diverse. Thus you will have the perfect opportunity for personal development and implementation of professional dreams.
Tuition fees and living expenses are reasonable. The tuition fees and living costs in Lithuania are relatively low compared to the other European countries.
 Is an extremely important issue for foreign students? That is why higher education institutions of Lithuania provide accommodation in their halls of residence to ~87 percent of student population. Finding a place to rent in a private sector is also easy!
 Lithuanian institutions of higher education are active participants in various international programs. They consistently develop links with higher education schools abroad, which finally serve as a basis for student, teacher and scientist exchange projects. Lithuanian Universities actively participate in Erasmus Munds programmed which enable students to extend their cultural knowledge even wider.
Lithuania’s economy has witnessed a stable and impressive rise after it broke away from the Russian rule. It managed to achieve the highest growth rates in Europe and the GDP glittered at 9% in the year 2003.The process of privatization, increase in domestic demand and boom in export services are the major determinants of this healthy financial situation of Lithuania. The inflation rate in Lithuania too is the lowest in Europe. In fact, the country now fulfils all the criteria to become a member of the European Monetary Union and the membership due in 2007 seems to be an easy ride. The national currency, the litas, has been stable since 1994 and has been fixed at a rate of 3.4528 litas to one euro.
The Lithuanian labor force comprises of nearly 1.6 million people. Most of them are absorbed in the private sector. The country has one of the most educated labor forces in Europe. It helped a lot when the country took a rebound in its trade traditions from Russia to Europe following the former’s financial crisis of 1998. The government undertook liberal trade policies and investment provisions. The information technology and telecommunications sector has expanded massively during the last couple of years.

Work rights during studies:
Non EU students who intend to work in the Republic of Lithuania must obtain a permit (Work permit) in the Labor Market. The students can work up to 20 hours per week after the first year at Vilnius University.
Work rights for your spouse:
The spouse and children of the investor can gain permanent residence along with investor after a period of 5 years. As compared to other countries, living all the time in Lithuania is not mandatory for the Permanent Residence or Citizenship. The applicants need to enter Lithuania at least once in every 6 months,” he added.