Career Link Development  is established in 2004 , with the aim to promote Quality Higher Education with the need of  deserving students in their desire fields . Our first leading destinations are CANADA, AUSTRALIA, UK and IRELAND . But with the passage of time, we enhanced our experience and destination of higher studies world wide like NEW ZEALAND , USA, POLAND , LITHUANIA , TURKEY , SPAIN , ITALY RUSSIA , CHINA etc  , in which we succeeded and promoted our name with a brand, faith and reliability .

Through the 10 YEARS journey, we launched the  NEW ZEALAND EDUCATION , here in Pakistan successfully and now the seed has been grown up to nourished the students to choose the Quality Education with the Highly  expected expert advised through out the country .
Our staff is qualified and highly trained for providing the assistance from tip to toe in the Education field. Where the student is not only be satisfied with our expert advise but willing to proceed with us as we find a best solution  for his desire  qualification and destination .
I believe that where there is a will there is a way , so to follow this Quote , we always welcome the new approaches and destination for the students , which would be a challenge for the consultants.
We are not only providing our best services in terms of admission to visa facilitation , but we accept the challenge in regards of Visa rejection to stand with our genuine students  rights .

We also believe that the world is globalized , and the era is of Internet , so we are available 24 hours , and student can communicate and share their queries and experience with us via Tweeter , face book , Linked In , Skype, What app etc .

We give a highly importance of our clients suggestions and feed back , and we organized our website with  a separate page  with Suggestions and complains to provide our best services . We also maintain a page of Feed Back , though which we can follow up with the clients satisfaction scale to improve our services and  expertise .

Our Foreign Education Service provided by us  is highly recommended that we are Trained and Qualified with certified Education consultants ,UK by British council , Trained Ielts Teacher Trainee by British Council , I personally trained under the Brands of Raffles Education Network , where I was a senior Consultant and  Employee and served as a Regional Head in International Admission Office IAO , Pakistan to be trained by foreigners in  Counseling  to Visa Filing with the Post departure facilities and problems which play a leading role to assist our staff with sharing the  Highly  Expert Skills  to make them  a helping hand and useful member of Education Management society .

We believe that not only Higher Education abroad , but here in Pakistan it’s a need of Era for those who can not avail the opportunity due to any reason in terms of Jobs and Cost . So we are launching ONLINE Education system for not only O/A level  students but for world wide recognized Bachelor , MBA and PHD students as well as ,which can be played again a leading role of Career Link Development in the field of Education Management in Pakistan .

I always believe that every case is individual and the requirements , desire are varies according to the Budget Costing , Future Plans , and Career Pathway .In that manner we advise our client the expert opinion to choose their Destination and Highly Quality Reputed world wide Education Organization .

I believe with the passing of days , we would be able to grow more and provide new world wide destinations for the Pakistani students with the Quality of Education .

We always believe the QUALITY OF EDUCATION rather than QUANTITY OF STUDENTS .

I further thank to my team and students who are always willing to proceed with us and your continue support make us to provide you best services and make us to find the best available options for the higher success of our clients .

Our Thanks to our team member and clients who always  believe ourselves and their believe gives us strength to be a UNIQUE and DIFFERENT in our field because “Appreciation, not possession, makes a thing ours.”
Managing Director

Qualified and Trained Education Consultant